17 Again

April 28, 2012 § 5 Comments

Warning: just another brat post.

What’s a birthday without any wish lists? After all, there’s no point in celebrating my birthday if I don’t get what I want! Just kidding. Lol, I sound so spoiled. Seriously though, I appreciate it when people give me gifts, but it would be much much nicer if this time around I don’t just receive generic things such as mugs, tumblers, tops, or anything similar to that. Get it?

Moving on, this wishlist consists of things that can be bought with money. I have another 17 wishes that’re thought of as abstract, though I’m still contemplating if I’m going to post them here and let the world know about my inner most desires… or not.

Ang daldal ko lang. Anyway here you go:

17 Shallow Wishes (“Materialistic Side”)

1. Training/gym Bag

Summer league season’s about to begin, which means I’ll have to go back to training with my Frisbee teammates soon! It’s been a while since I last formally played frisbee (or even train hek hek). From what I remember, the last game I participated in was Summer League of last year pa and I didn’t even get to finish the league because I got grounded! I never got to join any of my team’s trainings after that. <//3 Well, it’s been a year. I also need a training bag because dance classes are about to start! It’s been a while, gah. I need a new training bag that’s big enough to fit my training clothes, frisbee shoes, and things for school, and is small enough to carry around the campus. 🙂

2. Running Shoes

It’s been a while since I last ran or hit the gym too (halata naman ata ‘to eh). Schoolwork and orgwork’s taking so much of my time that I hardly have enough time for myself! My brother’s right, taking three 3-unit subjects is the worst decision I made this year, academically speaking at least. Anyway, I want new running shoes!!! 😦 Maybe it’ll inspire me to start jogging again. 🙂

3. An outfit for my birthday dinner

I’m so tamad to go shopping (heck, I kind of but not really hate shopping for clothes). I’m not really clothes conscious. I just shop whenever I feel the need to. And truth be told, I have a lot of clothes in my closet that I haven’t used (as in ever) because I don’t have the confidence to wear any of them. HAHAHAHAHA. I need a white whatever for my birthday dinner…… Conservative, pwede?

4. Dress

I think it would be nice to have a stock of nice dresses. I’m not fond of wearing dresses, but maybe it’s time to be feminine. HAHAHA. Casual/forma/semi-formal, any would do 🙂

 5. Red Velvet Cupcake Tower

I like cupcakes. I could eat a dozen in a day (just kidding). Instead of the traditional birthday cake, I want a cupcake tower instead. ❤

6. Flats

It’s so hard to walk around school wearing sandals, most especially since I travel the Bel-CTC-Berch route every single day. There was a time when I thought my pair of Aldo sandals pleaded for me stop walking (imagine my relief when classes my sandals had survived the day HAHA and I vowed never to use sandals in school if I have a Bel class ever again) which is why I want new pairs of  very comfortable flat shoes. I want to wear them in school without fear of “destroying” them. 🙂 (blue, black, yellow/mustard)

7. Designer Bags

I’ve always wanted to buy a bag that I can keep and treasure; however, when I told my dad about this, he said, “Iwawala mo lang ‘yan eh. Buy those kinds of stuff when you’re already working na so you’d know the value of money, and you’d learn that there are needs which you have to prioritize first.” My dad told me that it isn’t practical for a 16-year-old girl like me to buy a bag that’s 5 to 10 times my allowance every month. It makes sense (kaya nga hanggang wish nalang ako eh, kasi alam kong ‘di niya binibigay). My dad really values practicality. Haha He buys Chanel & LV bags for my Mom though… Pag mahal mo talaga. Anyway, I don’t really think I’d buy one soon, but for sure I will with my own money when I get older. 🙂  These are some of my favorites. Hahaha.

A.Prada Nylon TessutoB.C.

A.  Prada Nylon Tessuto bag just because I feel like I can pair this bag with any (casual) outfit! B. Givenchy Antigona Tote Bag. I like the sophisticated vibe it gives off. It really looks so beautiful in person. ❤ The orange one somehow looks better though. C. Nina Ricci Liane Embroidered Pouch Bag. 🙂 I like the pink-ish one as well HAHA

8. School bag

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I hate shopping for myself. I always have this need of asking someone to make decisions for me to the point that when I really cannot make a decision, I buy all of them or I don’t buy any at all (the latter usually happens). In short, I am indecisive.

9. Sandals

It seems so feminine. Ish. Hehehe and my brother once told me that I should wear sandals because they’re bagay.

10. Heels (I’m size 7 :>)

I only have 5 pairs of heels (2 black, 1 snake skin, 2 nude) but I use the 5-inch nude heels most often because it can go with absolutely anything. I want “daring” heels this time around though, if you know what I mean. Strong colors like red, lime, blue, or any basta ‘wag white, black or nude. I am tired of settling for the “Safe Zone”. Nux.

11. A very very big teddy bear (life size)

I often feel alone at home. 😦 Hehehe I need something soft to hug whenever I feel like crying! I read somewhere that hugging teddy bears can ease someone’s pain. 🙂 ako yung bata sa picture. Chos.

12. Watch

Truth be told, I’ve always wanted to buy a watch but I found it unnecessary and expensive. Hahaha my seatmates probably get annoyed at me whenver I ask “what time is it?” though! Besides, I need a watch in college (I’m always late!)

13. A real gold necklace with my name on it

This has been on my wish list since I was what… like ten or something. I’ve always wanted one, but my dad always forgets because he doesn’t have time daw. I think it’s at least 5k, and 3 weeks to process? Haha oh well. Samantha Famida 🙂

14. Shades

Just because it’s summer. HAHAHA But I probably won’t be using it much, not unless it isn’t hassle to carry around or anything. 🙂

15. Perfume

Fact: my brother picks my perfumes for me. Lol. I only use three! For school, Marks and Spencer Sheer Blush is my choice. Whenever I go out with friends, I use Paris Hilton (the pink one, I don’t know what it’s called haha) whilst I use Dolce & Gabbana’s Rose The One whenever I really go out (like, out out teehee). But then lately, I’m not very fond of using any of thoseFeel ko nagsasawa na ako eh. Oh well, paper.

16. Siamese Kitten

I used to have 3 cats; 2 Persian cats, 1 Street cat (I found her somewhere in the village when she was still little and fragile). Now I only have 2, because one of my Persian cats is missing. But why Siamese, Fam?  For a change. Just kidding. Hahaha wala lang they seem cute and less fluffy.

17. Polaroid camera


So yeah. Basically that’s it. I’ll be putting a check mark (√) beside a number if I’m able to get the item corresponding to that certain number soon.


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